User Experience Architect & Technologist

Paul James Campbell

Hello. I'm a freelance Creative Technical Director, Front-end Developer and User Experience Architect with over a decade of experience working in creative agencies and forward-digital businesses like Skype and The Guardian Newspaper. I help organisations turn their ideas and businesses needs into beautiful, user-centered, digital products & services through innovative uses of creative technology and user experience approaches.

I'm also the co-founder of product & technology consultancy Owl & Giraffe

About me

Over the past ten years I've worked with some of the best creative digital agencies and companies in London. Building everything from products, services, global platforms and campaigns for brands Heineken, Virgin Atlantic, BT, Channel Four, Skype and The Guardian Newspaper.

I specialise in working laterally across projects and teams. Sometimes I'll support projects through a multi-faceted role - often working with smaller strategic business groups - whilst at other times I'll be needed to focus on one aspect of the digital creative process. I'm as comfortable working as a technical director with a development team, as I am wireframing with strategists, or discussing pre-sales details with a client. I've worked with product managers, designers, strategists, creatives and technologists alike.

I've also written for .NET and had my (amateur) photography published in Lonely Planet.

User Experience

Defining user experiences and strategies through lean design approaches. Often consisting of user personas, experience flows, wireframing and rapid prototyping.

Technical Direction

Working with and managing in-house technical teams, partners or external production suppliers to deliver digital campaigns through to complex global platforms.

Creative Technology

Working with multi-disclinary teams to explore concepts and ideas through technology. Often in the form of rapid prototyping, creative development and programmatic concepting.

Product Development

I've worked on a number of high-profile digital products for The Guardian Newspaper, Skype, Heineken & Virgin Media. Acting in a range of roles including technical delivery lead, UX and commercial product lead.

Thoughts, Things & Work

You'll find my rants, doings, thoughts and data strewn across the web, but in general they're concentrated at the places below. Flickr is where my attempts at amateur photography reside, whilst Medium is stock piling recommendations and published articles.


Pop me an email at I'm currently available for part-time contract or consultancy work so if you'd like to have a coffee and chat, just let me know.

Alternatively drop me a tweet or message on any of these networks.